Pilgrim's 100th Anniversary News

August 2017 is the 100th Anniversary of Pilgrim Baptist Church! 

This page will grow day-by-day! The Anniversary Committee has been preparing for this for a while, but this page is new.

Save The Date for Pilgrim's 100th Anniversary!

Download a Pilgrim 100th Anniversary Save the Date PDF!

Banquet invitations will be mailed soon with an ordering matrix on this page. 
Stay tuned!

100th Anniversary Book is in production!

There are Three parts to this important historical document:

1.) Editorial: We need any legacy Pilgrim photos with names and places! Please put photos in an envelope with your contact info, then allow us to scan and return them. We also need stories from by-gone Pilgrim days. For questions, ideas, or entries, please email: anniversary-book@pilgrimbaptist.org.

2.) Ads: Advertise your business or show love and respect for loved ones with an ad in this beautiful and historic anniversary book. For numbered ad insertion orders, or payment questions, please email: anniversary-ads@pilgrimbaptist.org.

3.) Production: This book is professionally created and printed. To send pre-made ads, or photos or general production or special treatment questions, please email: art@pilgrimbaptist.org.